The FOODPOWER project


began through research in December 2007 and by observing the changes in today’s society regarding the theme of food.

Today, food is the new protagonist of contemporary society, a role of excellence that was once reserved for fashion. Fashion has kept a privileged position in people’s minds, because it directly connects to our physicality and our bodies, despite it being outside of us and acting upon the external surface alone.

Food directly touches the most intimate part of our physicality and viscerally becomes a part of us every day.


Today’s society is living a great existential crisis that generates discomfort and brings suffering, depression and uneasiness, caused by a wrong economical structure.

Generally speaking there is an incapacity to be happy and satisfied about one’s own existence, which in turn creates aggressiveness and fear and a collective sense of insecurity.

Food becomes a structural element that insinuates itself in the meshes of this discomfort, on the one hand making people think about the limitations of the economy when it is lacking and on the other hand, touching the pleasure spheres of satisfaction when it is in abundance.


FOODPOWER is a collective trip inside the deprivation and abundance of food, a trip inside one of the structural elements of every day life.

In food the individual looks for awareness of his or her own existence. Food becomes contemporary fashion capable of entering into our bodies.


In FOODPOWER food becomes an object and a taboo, and in this sense it becomes a work of art. Like a sex toy, once scorned as a disgusting game, it becomes an object of design to put on display without shame or taboos.

Food becomes the possibility to think about one’s own body, often marketed as an object to make profit for multinational companies.

FOODPOWER enters into a form of art called artivism, which focuses on the idea of creating activism through the language of art that uses technology or the philosophy of technology.